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Contact In USA:

Music Camp International
P.O. Box 66629
Scotts Valley, CA 95067-6629
Phone: 1.831.425.3600
Email: info@musiccampinternational.org

You can donate to Music Camp International online or by check or credit card. Visit our page Support.

Contact In Romania:

Manuela Ani
Email: manuela@musiccampinternational.org

Contact In Ukraine:

Katya Stetsiuk
Email: katya@musiccampinternational.org

International Board of Directors

Connie Fortunato, Founder and president
Anya Bazilo
Gabriel Enache
Eugene Ganales
Deanna Gardiner-Garcia
James R. Fortunato
Dr. Sarita Kwok
Arsen Tsymbalyuk

Romania Board
Gabriel Enache
Liliana Circo

Ukraine Board
Anya Bazilo
Arsen Tsymbaslyuk

Biographies are available on request.

Music Camp International is a 501 (c)(3) organization as part of Canticum Novum Family of Choral Opportunities for the Global Community. All gifts are tax-deductible.