Preselection Instructions for

Easter with the Masters


Here is all the information you need to submit your selfie preselection audition:


1. Your phone should be in landscape/horizontal position.

2. Make sure the light is in front of you – not behind you.

3. Use earphones to hear the accompaniment. The recording should only record your voice – not the accompaniment.

4. You do not need to record the entire song – but you should record as much as you can. The purpose is that Connie can hear your voice.


For a copy of the score, click here:

1. Audio Track - alto emphasis


2. Audio Track – soprano emphasis


3. Audio Track – tenor/baritone emphasis


4. Audio Track – concert recording – all voices


After you have recorded your selfie, send it to the following link.


Be sure to include your name, voice part, and email in the name of your file and also at the beginning of the selfie. THANK YOU!