SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

The day began early  in California (4:15 AM – to be exact) when I got up and got ready to go to the office – meet Kurt, our IT specialist – who was already there waiting for me – activate all the equipment in our just-finished zoom studio – and connect with Carmen, our site administrator in Craiova, Romania – along with a class of ten sixth graders; connect with Ananya , a Music Camp graduate who was supervising a class of eight 14 and 15

Our class from India!

year old boys from Ashalayam - an orphanage in New Delhi, India – another group of six young ladies from Snehalaya – a sister orphanage for girls - then on to Kitale, Kenya where David and Jennifer had just picked up four young ladies from school; and finally back to the USA where Emma and Cailin were joining from the Midwest and the West Coast a – a beyond imagination circling of the globe – for one reason – to transform children’s lives through the gift of music!

Over the next few months, we will share stories and interviews and “sneak peeks” at the rehearsals and relationships and remarkable life-changing experiences that are happening because of Musedics. Today is just “Day 2” of what promises to be an incredible narrative.

The great news is that we have completed the first phase of our zoom studio.

Since our “fully equipped” development plan was more than we could manage financially all at once – we broke it into Phase One and Phase Two. Phase One is completed and paid for – thanks to the support of many generous donors! Before we can begin Phase Two – we must provide for several other urgent needs – in order to sustain the program.

We need to purchase additional instruments and tablets for the students in India, and a new computer for a girls’ orphanage in New Delhi. We need to train a team to become the finest virtual teachers on the planet, and we need a support team of IT and video specialists – to keep our classes “on target” as well as create and market our finished video materials for our global audience. It is a huge undertaking – but with your help, we are confident that we will achieve our goal.

Our plan for the second semester (January 18 – April 18) is to enlarge our student enrollment as well as increase the number of countries served. Our projection i is to designate 25 percent of our budget for Musedics so that our other programs of virtual and on-location Music Camps and festivals will be maintained. (We are confirmed for a January Christmas Camp in Kyiv, Ukraine!)

Our class from India and Romania!

Additionally, we will develop local partnerships to assist in the sustaining the local programs. But without your help today, our ability to create the infrastructure to sustain this global innovative program will not be possible.

We need $30,000 for this first quarter to meet the needs I have outlined. I recognize that this is an ambitious goal – but it is within our reach if each one does what each one can. The opportunity is now!

Our class from the USA and Kenya!

The world needs positive, transformational, global GOOD NEWS now!

Music Camp International is prepared to lead this global initiative!

We have the history and skill to fulfill this amazing dream!

We need your gift today!

We need you to help us connect with global partners!

We need YOU! Help us change the world – by changing the life of a child TODAY!

 On behalf of the children in India . . . Kenya . . . Ukraine . . . Romania . . . the USA . . . and around the world,

Connie Fortunato
Founder and President

P.O. Box 66629  •  Scotts Valley, California 95067-6629  •  831.425.3600

Musedics is a division of Music Camp International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All gifts are tax deductible.

Our recorder class from Romania