Musedics is an online choir and instrumental music program for young people 12-17, with no audition or prior experience required.

What is Musedics?
Music Education Interactive Course Solutions . . .brings innovative music experiences to young people, age 12-17

With adaptability activities woven into each class, Musedics is perfectly suited for integrating children with special needs with traditional learners.

Built on a synchronous template, master teachers, students, and in-class assistants will interact in real-time classes. Students from around the globe are encouraged to participate!

Lessons are online and open to students around the globe. All lessons are taught in English.

  • Classes are online and live, twice a week for 13 weeks.
  • A virtual concert accompanied by professional musicians is presented after the class is completed.
  • This platform is perfect for Homeschoolers, Schools and Micro-Music Hubs!
  • We offer Virtual and Interactive Ensemble Classes.
  • Sing with an exciting Global Teen Choir accompanied by an International Orchestra.

We are currently in our second semester. Join our mailing list to get updates about upcoming classes!

Musedics allows students to engage in music after school, in-school or at home!

For Schools: Musedics is designed to enhance your current school music program! Contact us for details!

For Small Groups: Micro-Music-Hubs are for groups for 6-8 students, supervised by an adult.

For Homeschoolers, Charter Schools and Independent Learners:  This platform is designed to connect students around the globe, to sing and play instruments together. No experience required.

Discover Musedics . . . experience the joy and confidence of ensemble music!

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