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Sing with a global virtual choir of Young People.

Create a global concert!


Choose your own time to watch and participate -

each Episode is pre-recorded


An opportunity for the youth of the world to show support

for the youth of Ukraine.


Connect to all rehearsals as we post them on our blog!

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We welcome comments from young people, parents, teachers, business professionals and compassionate individuals who care about bringing our world together through the power of music! Please read on to learn about how Micro Music Moments is making a difference to young people everywhere!


Music’s Powerful Force in Healing Trauma

Music’s Power Force in Healing Trauma Last August I met Kristina. She became a “fast friend” and immediately began impacting my life for the better. Her work with small companies, her knowledge of finance and business – (Did I mention that she was a musician?) – but also a financial executive who knew how to take small companies and make…

Micro Music Moments - Connie in front of screen

Connie’s Interview with Think Local Santa Cruz

Listen to Connie talk about the mission and work of Music Camp International on “Think Local First Santa Cruz” with Susan Fraser.