Upcoming Virtual Music Camps & Concerts

Currently there are no scheduled Virtual Music Camps. Please check back with us often and watch for announcements on social media!


Our Virtual Camps are for children ages 13-18, with additional openings for university students in their early 20's. Our desire is to create a global organization of young people who form an international community of young leaders committed to impacting their world in a positive way through music and dynamic leadership.

Previous Virtual Music Camps & Concerts


Music Camp International’s premier virtual choir concert

More than 60 children from Ukraine, Romania and The United States participated in Music Camp International’s first virtual project. This international children’s charity has brought dignity, hope, and self-confidence through the power of music to thousands of Eastern Europe’s children for the last 20 years. Although projects have traditionally been conducted in face-to-face Music Camps, with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting global lockdowns, this virtual alternative was launched to address the issues of isolation, loneliness and anxiety, and create connectedness, joy and hope! After eight days of virtual rehearsals, each of the participants recorded their own singing on camera. A virtual international orchestra of professional instrumentalists from the participating countries was added. Then the lengthy process of combining all the video files began to culminate in this outstanding and historic concert.