Brovary, Ukraine

October 27-November 1, 2013

Music Camp International’s expansion Camp for Ukraine was the city of Brovary. With an invitation from the Mayor’s office and the Director of the Culture Palace, Music Camp International began with a two-day Teacher Training Seminar so the music teachers from the city could be involved. We had a great seminar and enlarged our Teaching Team for Ukraine. We also brought a team of international teachers—three from Romania and one from the United States. A team of volunteer translators from one of the universities in Kiev worked with the international staff to be sure the children understood everything. The school where we had daily classes and rehearsals was a short walk from Promitei, the culture palace where the concert was held. Music Camp International made many new friends—students, parents, teachers, and city officials.

International Teaching Team

Promitei – the Culture Palace in Brovary

Team of volunteer translators for teachers

School in Brovary, Ukraine

Iasi, Romania

September 8-13, 2013

The Ministry of Education, the Iasi Philharmonic Orchestra, and Music Camp International have developed a close working relationship. Music Camp International held a Master Class in Iasi in April to further train additional teachers for participation in one of our largest Music Camps of the year. Although the Arts High School was undergoing renovation, we managed to “dodge” scaffoldings, plasterers, painters, and general construction work. The large rehearsal hall and location right at the city center—make it the ideal location for Music Camp. Over 400 children participated. The beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral is a magnificent location for the concert.

Meet Teona, one of our students from Iasi.

Lining up 400 children after a rain storm

Teachers stop for a photo following the concert

The joy of returning to Music Camp

Bucharest, Romania

September 1-6, 2013

Music Camp International returned to the capital of Romania for its second Music Camp as part of the Enescu Festival. Daily classes and rehearsals were held at Mihai Viteazu—a beautifully renovated high school. This Festival is held every two years and brings in the greatest musicians and orchestras from all over the world. In 2011, our concert was on the outdoor stage at Piata Festivalului. This year it was in St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The students were “jammed” on risers, and there was barely standing room for the audience. The National Radio Orchestra accompanied the children. DVD’s are available by writing

Choir Rehearsal – Bucharest

A young violin student

Shirley teaches tenor recorder

A trio of orff instruments

Catalina teaches cello

Arad, Romania

August 25-30, 2013

Music Camp conducted its second city day camp in this city. Many eager children returned and brought friends. Several had participated in Easter with the Masters in Brasov, and were thrilled to share this experience with classmates. This Camp is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the General Inspector, and the Music Inspector. Music Camp International is beginning to develop a nucleus of devoted students in Arad. We also added classes in clarinet—our “new instrument class” for this next year. Music Camp now offers instrument classes in soprano, alto, and tenor recorder, Orff percussion instruments, handchimes, handbells, guitar, violin, and cello. To see the instrumentarium from 2012, click on this link:

Clarinet class

Allen Farcas

Handchimes class

Choir section

Orff class

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

March 24-29, 2013

Music Camp International and Ridne Misto—the “Native City” Foundation partnered to conduct a Music Camp for 280 children in Chernivtsi. Although the weather was severe (it was Kiev’s worst blizzard in history), the children came. Ridne Misto provided the beautiful culture palace for the choir rehearsals, the school for the instrument classes, and the magnificent Philharmonic orchestra and concert hall which was filled to capacity. It was the beginning of a great partnership. We look forward to returning in 2014.

Audience at Chernivtsi Philharmonic

Guitar – Kids helping kids

Smiles and pictures follow the concert

The kids get interviewed on TV

Guitar – Kids helping kids

Music Camp in Iasi, Romania

September 2-7, 2012

The first week of September, Music Camp International returned to the city of Iasi, for its third year. With over 600 children registered, this was our largest Music Camp for 2012. A staff of 25, including international teachers from the United States, conducted classes in violin, cello, guitar, handbells, handchimes, Orff percussion instruments, and soprano, alto, and tenor recorder. This Music Camp was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and General Inspector, Mrs. Camelia Gavrila and the Iasi-Moldova State Philharmonic Orchestra.

The General Inspector, the Manager of the Philharmonic, and the Bishop enjoy the concert together

Children learn to read sheet music, sing during rehearsals and then perform a concert at the end of the week.

550 children performed 3 concerts to a packed cathedral in Iasi. Our staff of 25 teachers take a bow following the concert.

Music Camp in Arad, Romania

April 15-20, 2012

After months of preparation, talking with officials, and meeting with key leaders, Music Camp International held its first Music Camp in Arad, its newest host city. Invitations were distributed in public and private middle schools throughout the city and surrounding villages. Members of the philharmonic orchestra accompanied the children in their concert on Saturday, April 21. The National Philharmonic concert hall was filled to capacity to see and hear what these children accomplished in just one week!

The beautiful Philharmonic Concert Hall in Arad where the Music Camp children performed their concert.

Music Camp International guitar and recorder students perform with the Philharmonic Orchestra.

This piano in the lobby of the Philharmonic was played by the great composer and pianist Franz Liszt.

Children and orchestra are ready for their concert on the Philharmonic Concert Hall stage.