Transforming Youth, Communities and Countries
Through the Power of Music

Music Camp International is a division of Canticum Novum International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Giving Tuesday" is a special day devoted to focusing on world needs. Music Camp International has spent twenty years working in all regions and major cities of Ukraine. We have brought the gift of music to over 20,000 children! Today our teachers are in need. Our Kyiv team is living with no electricity, heat, running water, and internet access. They need our help just to survive. Will you help them? To donate go to

Let them know that you care and are supporting them. Thank you!

Music Camp Welcomes Poland

US Department of State / UNHCR Proposal

Proposal for Ukranian Refugees and Young People from Host Countries

What Is Music Camp International?

Guitar – Kids helping kids

On-location Music Camps and Festivals are conducted in many different locations. The six days of intensive music involvement in choir and instrument instruction end with a spectacular concert accompanied by top symphonic orchestras. (Although temporarily put on “hold” during the pandemic, MCI is in the process of re-engaging various cities and countries to re-ignite this historic “force” that captured the heart of Eastern Europe for almost 20 years!)

Virtual Christmas Concert

Virtual Music Camps – are held as the schedule allows. Typically there are at least one or two summer virtual Camps and a Camp in the autumn to prepare a Christmas concert.