Music Camp International

Transforming Children, Communities and Countries Through the Power of Music

Music Camp International is a division of Canticum Novum, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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  • Global Online Music Programs for Youth.
  • In-person Music Camps at refugee sites along the Ukrainian border: Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Hungary.
  • Emergency funds for Ukrainian MCI families.

What Is Music Camp International?

Music Camp is an innovative program of social and emotional transformation through music. It is not so much about developing musicians as it is developing responsible, compassionate, confident, and sensitive young people. It’s about developing cross-cultural relationships that include youth from all sectors of society, ethnicity, countries and continents.


Ensemble music creates an inner strength and capacity that develops both individual and community growth. Young people are inspired to set high goals, develop discipline, focus, and the ability to work together to achieve more than anyone could alone.

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On-location Music Camps and Festivals are conducted in many different locations. The six days of intensive music involvement in choir and instrument instruction end with a spectacular concert accompanied by top symphonic orchestras. (Although temporarily put on “hold” during the pandemic, MCI is in the process of re-engaging various cities and countries to re-ignite this historic “force” that captured the heart of Eastern Europe for almost 20 years!)

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Musedics – our virtual, synchronous, international and interactive after-school program for choir and instrument ensemble. This program meets two days per week during the school year – one day per week is choir, and one day per week is an instrument class.

Micro Music Moments – our newest program especially designed to encourage the youth of Ukraine and give them the opportunity to “sing again” after the traumas and turbulence of war. It is a way for global youth to “connect” and sing together to say “We support you,” “We are with you,” “We pray for you,” We want to help you be strong!”

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Virtual Music Camps – are held as the schedule allows and on-location Camps are restricted. Typically there are at least one or two summer virtual Camps and a Camp in the autumn to prepare a Christmas concert.

Virtual Christmas Concert