For more information on any Music Camp in Ukraine, write to Or call 067.328.7265

  Dates City Link Notes
  January 9-14 Chervonograd, Ukraine   Christmas Camp
  March 27 – April 1      Voznesensk, Ukraine   Music Camp
  May 28 – June 2 Vinnitsa, Ukraine Closed Music Camp
  June 5-10 Vasilkyv, Ukraine Closed Music Camp
  August 28 – Sept. 2 Zhytomyr, Ukraine Closed Music Camp
  October 30 – Nov. 4 Kryvyi Rig, Ukraine Closed Music Camp
  January 8 – 13, 2018 Kherson, Ukraine Closed Music Camp




For more information on any Music Camp in Romania write to OR call 0744.582.777

  Dates City Link Notes
  February 8-10, 2018 Cluj-Napoca, Romania  Register Teacher Training & Master Classes
  March 6-10 Cluj-Napoca, Romania  Closed Music Camp
  April 17-22 Sibiu, Romania  Closed Easter with the Masters – Festival
  June 18-23 Cluj-Napoca, Romania   3rd Annual Pata Rât Camp – Special Project
  June 25-30 Fagaraș, Romania Closed Music Camp