Special Needs Children

Music Camp has purposed to take a leadership role in bringing dignity to children with special needs. In post-communist countries where these children were traditionally “locked away with little or no integration into a society that undervalued them, Music Camp International has been able to demonstrate the amazing potential and talent of these children.

Our first Camp for blind and visually impaired was in Ukraine in 2009. Since then we have expanded to Romania, and included deaf and hearing impaired children and children with a variety of other special needs. Some of these special children have even participated in our City Day Camps and Festivals.

We are committed to doing everything we can to provide outstanding opportunities for these children to discover and develop their talent as well as give them dignity, hope and the self-confidence that will inspire them to “REACH FOR THE STARS!”



May 5 –  9, 2014 Music Camp for Children from two Schools: The Blind & Visually Impaired, and Deaf & Hearing Impaired – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Music Camp returned for its third Music Camp with these special children. Each time we return the relationships between the team and the children become stronger. The children are amazing. The “veteran” students help the new ones. And their capability improves with each visit. Music Camp International has a deep commitment to these special children. We are the first to integrate some of these children into our Easter Festival and regular city camps. The combinationof deaf children “singing with their hands” and blind children singing with their voices is one of the most eloquent statements to a society that has historically undervalued these children and are now searching for ways to change that paradigm.

Following the concert in the historic Cathedral with Twin Towers, many of the children accompanied Dr. Roxana Cziker, Director of the School for the Blind, the the City park, where they were interviewed for television.




April 7 – 11, 2014 Music Camp for Children with Special Needs – Arad, Romania

Music Camp International returned to the Sfanta Maria School for Children with Special Needs in Arad, Romania.  Many of these children are orphans. Some of them are blind, some are developmentally delayed. All of them need special attention. Music Camp gave them a week of choir and instruments. Their final concert was at the beautiful and historic Arad Philharmonic. Instrumentalists from the Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied them for this special concert.




April 1-5, 2013 Music Camp for Children with Special Needs – Arad, Romania

The first week of April, the Music Camp team went to the Sfanta Maria School in Arad.  The children represented a full range of challenges—some were blind, some were autistic, some were orphans.  But all were talented.  None had sung or played an instrument—but all were eager to learn.  What was most exciting was to see the transformation in the children as they discovered they were talented—and could make music and work together and perform in the city’s most exquisite facility—the national Philharmonic—where the great pianist Liszt once played. The children were accompanied by members of the Arad Philharmonic.  This orchestra has become a consistent partner with Music Camp International in its work with the children of this city and surrounding region.




 April 10-15, 2011 Music Camp for Blind and Visually Impaired Children, Cluj, Romania

Music Camp International brought its first Music Camp to the School for the Blind in Cluj, Romania.  School Director, Cornelia Codreanu, along with the Ministry of Education and the Inspector for Children with Special Needs in Cluj, collaborated with MCI to provide an historic opportunity for these children.  Their concert on April 15, 2011 in Biserica Reformata brought the audience to their feet as these children received a standing ovation.  For a video clip of their performance, click here to visit our video page and hear Emma and Lucia sing their duet on “You Raise Me Up!’




May 20-30, 2009 Kiev, Ukraine – Music Camp for the Blind and Children with Visual Impairments

Music Camp International had the honor of helping focus the national spotlight on the talents of blind and visually impaired children.  With one Music Camp in the morning at school #11, and another in the afternoon at school #5, and an international teaching team, Music Camp International did what has never been done before–conduct a Music Camp and concert with blind children.  The concert on May 30, was the featured event for the International Children’s Day.  First Lady, Mrs. Katerina Yuschenko spoke and said, “I was told that this was to be a concert given by disabled children.  But I have not seen any disabled children here, but only gifted and talented children who have no limit to their abilities.”

Three children’s charities collaborated to host the concert at Ukraine House.  Music Camp International joined with Pryyateli Ditey (Help the Children) and Ukraine 3000 to provide outfits, food, and transportation to bring the children from their boarding schools into heart of the city.  The historic event was televised throughout the country.