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Developing Children

Devleloping Children, Training Teachers, and Strengthening The Global Community Through the Power of Music

Music Camp is a dynamic week of music rehearsals and classes for children. A day at camp includes choir for all children. Repertoire ranges from that of the great masters—Haydn, Mozart, and Handel—to national music, international music, contemporary anthems, and spirituals. The children sing in multiple languages. In addition, each child has two electives. Classes are offered in percussion instruments, guitar, violin, cello, handchimes, handbells, recorder, clarinet, and musical games.

MCI believes that instrumental ensembles provide the opportunity for children to work both independently and collectively, and develop both personal discipline and the joy of shared success. The week culminates with a concert attended by parents, friends, educators, cultural leaders and entire communities.

Many children actually hold an instrument for the first time.

What is even more exciting than making beautiful music, is making it happen! Music Camp International makes it happen!


Training Teachers

Teacher Training Emphasizes Love and Encouragement!

Our specialized music teachers are trained to provide a nurturing, positive environment for the children. Because children learn in many different ways, the unique methods used in Music Camp, are a combination of approaches–each designed to help the child discover the music within, and express it with confidence and poise.

Annual seminars train new teachers in these unique approaches, and give experienced teachers the opportunity to renew their credential. Training opportunities keep teachers current with the latest research and teachers that are certified by Music Camp International qualify to receive a stipend for their volunteer work. The skills and experience these teachers receive in Music Camps are empowering them to establish new methods and approaches in music education for children all year long.


Strengthening the Global Community

Romania and Ukraine are facing the challenge of rebuilding their countries in a post-communist society

 The collapse of communism left political, economic, and social devastation. Widespread poverty, an inadequate infrastructure, and rampant inflation left families with subsistence living and many times with insufficient food, clothing, and shelter. Children were the most unfortunate victims. With the resulting pressures of rebuilding their societies, resources for children with special needs were simply inadequate to address the magnitude of the need.

Music Camp International works with the Department of Social Services to provide opportunities for these special children. Because music goes through different parts of the brain, many children that have difficulty in traditional academics excel in music. And because we provide a unique approach to learning, children with handicaps are able to be integrated into the program.

Children from orphanages and foster homes, as well as children with physical challenges are all able to work together and enjoy the success that music gives. The dignity given to each child, regardless of social or academic circumstances, is a gift that changes them for life.

Music That Transforms Lives

Choir Gives Them a Song to Sing

Concerts are held at the end of the week and are accompanied by professional instrumentalists from local symphony orchestras. Repertoire ranges from the great masters to spirituals and folk.  Instrumental performances give individual achievement with the impact of group participation, as the various instrumental ensembles perform themes from masterworks.